Transaction Assistance

We take care of the numbers so you can focus on the deal.

Our experienced advisory team has particular expertise in financial modelling. We usually focus on the analytical component of large transactions alongside a sophisticated client, a wider advisory team from an investment bank or large accounting firm, or both.

We generally build the transaction model and perform intial analysis. Our client may adopt the model early and perform most of the analysis throughout the transaction, or we might take it all the way through. White Box Financial models inspire confidence and help our clients realise sucessful transactions.

Earmarks of our transaction models:

User-friendly across important user groups

Including analysts, in-house modelling capability, and senior management.

Useful outputs

Including a bespoke dashboard, annual summaries, detailed breakdowns, and often more.

Business driver-based

Built up from pertinent business drivers.

Scenario and sensitivity analysis

Robust, repeatable and with clear outputs

Professional presentation

Inspire confidence in investors, lenders and colleagues.


Short calculation and processing time.

Input tracking

Enjoy continuity when key personnel are unavailable.

Change tracking

Allows quick and meaningful explanation of changes in results, and reduces risk.


A refined approach to quickly and reliably accomodate change, while managing complexity, cost and timing. This is described further below.

Checks and alerts

Extensive automated tests reduce risk and promote housekeeping.

Readily reviewable and auditable

Helps manage risk, cost, and schedule. We have experience delivering formal model audits and maintain relationships with respected audit firms.

Suitable for the audience

This is described below.

Flexibility is achieved by combining two approaches: building models that lend themselves to change, and a sensible level of inbuilt functionality for common and anticipated changes. Our extensive modelling and transaction experience is complemented by your domain knowledge and project expectations when determining which options to accomodate at the outset.

Suitability for the audience is achieved by focusing on a master internal version of the model, and enabling it to be quickly adapted into sanitised versions. The master internal version is a high-performance, well documented, full featured tool and often contains commercially sensitive information that is best kept internal. Sanitised versions are fit for circulation amongst relevant parties, with all remaining functionality intact.