Enhance Your Ongoing Analytical Capability

We can help you develop a world-class analytical capability.

Make sound decisions

Benefit from useful, reliable, timely information

Stay informed

Keep abreast of what has happened as results outturn

Automate repetitive tasks

Reduce error and increase speed

Sustained improvement

Maintain your capability for years to come

Operational models

Businesses often use operational models to perform ongoing analysis. White Box Financial can create an outstanding operational model for your business.

Earmarks of our operational models:

User-friendly across important user groups

Including analysts, in-house modelling capability, reviewers, and senior management.

Useful outputs

Including a bespoke dashboard, annual summaries, detailed breakdowns, and often more.

Business driver-based

Built up from pertinent business drivers.

Scenario and sensitivity analysis

Robust, repeatable and with clear outputs

Professional presentation

Inspire confidence in investors, lenders and colleagues.


Short calculation and processing time.

Input tracking

Enjoy continuity when key personnel are unavailable.

Change tracking

Allows quick and meaningful explanation of changes in results, and reduces risk.


A refined approach to quickly and reliably accomodate change, while managing complexity, cost and timing.

Checks and alerts

Extensive automated tests reduce risk and promote housekeeping.

Streamline analytical workflows

We help businesses improve the reliability and efficiency of their analytical workflows. The improved efficiency frees staff from number crunching and enables them to focus more of their time adding value to the business.

Consider what is possible and may be appropriate for your organisation.

Expedite information flows. Minimise manual entry, reduce copy paste operations, perhaps automate altogether.

Eliminate unnecessary tasks.

Implement practical policies and systems.